Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

Onedot Ltd will take care of the recruitment process. Our very own Office Manager is very expert in recruiting talents from the Philippines.

Recruitment Process
Recruitment Process

We have a list of qualifications that should be met by the applicants. The process of recruitment is rigorous and selective because we want to have the best people to be included in our dedicated team.

Our goals to recruit worthy people who are degree holders, motivated, hard-working, flexible, have real-world experience, sales abilities and committed to contribute for the growth of the company. We will get you new members based on your needs and qualifications, to join your committed team.

You do not need to put so much effort in personally posting job advertisements online, we are here to do that for you.

Onedot Ltd: Process of Recruitment

At Onedot, we believe that an organization is only as strong as its weakest team member so we make sure that we provide you with the best candidate to be your team member. The screening process is the initial stage where in we screen candidates based on their abilities, experiences, skills and what can they contribute for your company. Next, we give you the short list of candidates that were qualified for the specific team member that you are looking for. You have the right to review their qualifications based on their abilities, experiences and skills. The final interview shall be done by you and our office manager, to fully explain the job description to the successful candidate.

As we continue with the process Onedot Ltd’s committed team can assist you with the following:

  • Prepare job description based on what you need
  • Job advertisements are posted online and in daily papers
  • Manage job responses
  • The candidates will be first selected after a selection of the best resume
  • Office Manager to have a private interview with all the pre-selected candidates
  • The Office Manager will do a short-list of candidate
  • Final interview with the Office Manager and the Sales Representative
  • Selection of your new team member

We will take care of all the legal documents, the contract and responsibility of your dedicated team member. We can provide your team member with an office space, computer equipment with all the latest software, management and training conducted by our Office Manager and Sales Business Manager. We will support your team member in order for him or her to adapt to the working ethics you require. Our staff will be working under and covered by the Philippine Labor Law.

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