Onedot Ltd is not your conventional type of outsourcing company. We think unique in every aspect not only with our work but with our work environment as well.

Manila Office
Manila Office

We want to establish that being unique should start within our home, our work place itself. This allows our employees to be in an environment where they can freely think of new innovative business solutions, and some out of the box ideas in order to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Being a unique outsourcing company, our employees find it comfortable to work smart and efficient in an environment where they can freely discuss their ideas without the worry of being in a “conventional office or work place”. In Onedot Ltd we acknowledge the fact that our employees are the success of our company and we and we want them to feel it in the best conditions possible. We believe that if we have good relationship with our employees, we can also have great connection with our clients.

Our office was designed by our very own communication team and as a result it is not your conventional type of work environment. As you enter our work place, you will see the creativity and the effort they contribute to create such unique design. You will also see the refreshment corner where we provide our employees refreshing drinks or a cup of perked coffee. Unique innovative business solutions are formed if your employees are comfortable with the work place. Our work environment is customized not only for the comfort of our employees but for our clients too. We want to make them feel that they are welcomed to work with us by creating a friendly ambiance in our work place. As an outsourcing company, it is important for us that we create connection with our clients.

Manila - Philippines
Manila – Philippines

Onedot Ltd is located in the central business district where all other offices of big companies were established. There are great restaurants and hotels within the vicinity. We are very accessible by various public transportation. Lastly, our office tower is open 24/7 and is fully equipped by a high internet connection, newest computer and software.

At least you will find a unique work place in the central business district where every company wants to follow the mainstream or the conventional way of working. Our employees work hand in hand with our clients, to achieve the level of creativity and effort that the clients want. We at Onedot Ltd. always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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