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Bling Duck
Bling Duck

Yellowduck, Ltd. is a Hong Kong based company that creates luxurious, urban elegant footwear design. “Bling Duck” flip flops is a trademark of Yellowduck Ltd. The brand has developed eight collections and 85 different models. The company is a direct concurrent of “Havaianas”. Bling Duck flip flops are world designed, bringing together high quality, style, and comfort that everyone can wear all day, every day. The company works in a B2B approach with exclusive distributor per country.

Onedot Ltd’s Business Solutions

Onedot Ltd. has worked since 2011 with Yellowduck to help them develop and export their brand in the world. We have created a dedicated team of two account manager in the first 8 months and after that a third one was hired. The company did not have a database or knowledge of this industry that’s why we started to develop a database of potential customers worldwide. After 6 months of qualified research, we had a database of 3000 potential distributors all over the world.

We were in the best position to start an efficient and result-oriented work to export the brand. We have opened in 20 countries in one year thanks to the hard work of a highly qualified team of three persons. We are still working for Yellowduck and our partnership could have not been any better.

Onedot Ltd’s Communication Solutions

Yellowduck Ltd. wanted to improve the communication of their brand.

We have done a photo shoot and professional editing with two models to promote and present their 2012 collections. Moreover, we have also made a 2-minutes promotional clip in high quality. In order to do it, we have done a one-day shoot of two models who were promoting the new collections. We have to build a full team of photographers, video editors and stylist in order to get the best results as possible.

Project Highlights

  • Onedot Ltd. has created a team of 3 dedicated employees for Yellowduck Ltd.
  • 3000 potential customers worldwide added to a database in 6 months!
  • 20 distributors in 20 countries launched in one year!
  • Photo shooting of two models to promote and present the 2012 collections.
  • Production and editing of a 2 minutes promotional clip for their 2012 collections

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